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*Important - New Lien Claims
We require all customers to fill out an online form for the evaluation of your lien claim.
Consulting is provided as per the package details.

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We offer two packages for your Builders Lien filing needs!
1. Intent to Lien Letter - $125.00 CAD + GST
2. Expert Filing - Starting from: $250.00 CAD + GST

What is a Builders Lien?

The term builders lien in Alberta is commonly known by other names such as a construction lien, mechanics lien, or contractors lien depending on the province or state. Property liens are one very effective method used by contractors, sub-contracts, labourers, material suppliers, and equipment providers to collect on unpaid invoices.

Builders Lien Filing Process

In Alberta you have 45 days from the last day on site to file a lien, and 90 days to file oil and gas related liens.

Once your lien has been filed it will hold good for 180 days. During that period you will have to negotiate with any relevant parties to collect on your lien. If you’re unable to come to a resolution before the 180 days, you will need to file a Statement of Claim, and Lis Pendens against the property to begin perfecting your lien.

Your lien application may also be challenged during the 180 days which will force you to respond within a strict time frame depending on if a hearing has been scheduled, or you’ve been given a 30 day notice to prove your claim.

Why file a Builders’ Lien? (Benefits)

There are many benefits in filing a Builders’ Lien:
You can potentially hold up future work or current work on site as a lien could breach certain agreements put in place.
You can potentially hold up payment on site due to a lien being listed on title.
You can restrict transfer of title for as long as the lien is listed.
You can potentially impact any mortgage agreements, as well as re-financing for the property.
You’re in a position that allows you to begin steps in lien perfection.

Intent to Lien Letter - $125.00 CAD + GST

Having Lien Experts™ issue an Intent to Lien letter can help you get paid by informing the property owner and owing party about your intentions to lien the property if payment is not rendered within the indicated deadline. We only recommend this service if you still have at least 15 days before your 45 days, or 90 days (Oil & Gas) becomes due. We offer a 25% discount on our Expert Filing service for customers that purchase our Intent to Lien Letter for related claims.
*25% discount only applies for intent to lien letters that pertain to the same claim when choosing to move forward with your builders lien.

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Expert Filing

Having your Builders Lien prepared and filed with Lien Experts™ ensures that you're filing valid liens. We file liens regularly in Alberta for various contractors and we're always up to date on current legislation regarding the Builders Lien Act. For non-oil and gas related liens, you have 45 days from the last day on site, and oil and gas liens are 90 days from the last day on site.

Before you order - Please read!

This package covers all the standard searches, and preparations required to file your Alberta Builders Lien, more complex liens will be subject to additional fees. You will receive proof that your lien has been attached to the property once completed.

If you're on your final day (45 for non-oil & gas, and 90 for oil & gas liens) please contact us before filling out the form. We cannot guarantee applications will be accepted. There will be an additional charge of $100.00 CAD + GST for final day liens, and payment as well as your signed agreement must be completed before 10:00 AM Edmonton time.

Payment will be required before services are performed. There are no refunds for this service.
Our Process

Once your application has been received, we will review your details and contact you regarding your claim. We will let you know if we're unable to register your lien for any reason. Upon final review we will send you a copy of our agreement and your invoice to finalize the pre-lien process. Once we've received all documents, and payment, your lien will be sent for processing, and proof of lien will be provided once attached to the property.

Removing Your Lien

If you require your lien to be removed, please contact us directly as this process can take up to two weeks unless money is being held in trust with a law firm. In the event you still require the lien to be discharged right away, and payment has been already been received, we can providing consulting on how you can remove the lien.
*This service is only for Expert Filing customers. Fees will apply.

Expert Filing - Package
Starting From: $250.00 CAD + GST
  • Completed Builders Lien - Includes Oil & Gas Liens
  • Proof of Lien
  • 30 Minutes of Post Lien Consulting
Extras - Per Item
  • Property Search - $30.00 CAD + GST
  • Trade Name / Corporate Search - $35.00 CAD + GST
  • Lien Discharge Package - Contact for Pricing

*Items are priced per package or per unit. All GST is charged based on Alberta's rate at 5%. Our GST Number will be listed on your invoice.

*Final day liens will include an additional fee of $100.00 CAD + GST.

*Your Builders Lien will be completed as per the information you provide, and you will have the ability to sign off and approve the information for your lien. We will work with you to confirm you have a valid lien, and the correct parties listed. We will not process the lien application until all information has been verified to ensure your lien is filed correctly.

*This package is only for job sites located within Alberta.

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